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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional & certified landscape and lawn care company?

Working out in your yard can be difficult, time consuming, and you may be damaging your lawn or performing the job incorrectly and unsafely. A professional & certified landscape and lawn care company will be able to properly and safely perform services that you request with a smaller chance of returning to correct the job that is performed incorrectly. Do it right the first time!

You are a large company; wouldn’t I get better service with a smaller company?

J & S Landscape and Design LLC is a large company, but is also family owned and operated. We are large enough to help you and others with some jobs that others may not be able to handle. We strive to provide excellent customer service to each customer and deliver quality service no matter how large or small your job or project may be.


What services do you offer?

We are a full landscape design & lawn care company. We can maintain your property with any of our customizable maintenance packages. We offer design services that range from installing simple landscaping to elaborate and luxurious outdoor living spaces and pools. See the detailed sections for the type of service you are looking for to see the specific services we can provide.

Do you offer free estimates?

In most cases we offer a free proposal of our services requested. We do consider distance and may request that the homeowner provide us with plot plans, pictures, and other items in order to develop quote and ensure that the proposal will be free as this may reduce driving long distance as some proposals may require multiple visits without these items.   For all design jobs we will provide a hand drawn design unless a CAD drawing (additional cost) is requested. The drawings remain our property unless purchased or the job is completed by J & S Landscape and Design, LLC. Any cost of the CAD drawing will be reimbursed upon completion of a job.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured including workman’s comp. Some companies may not provide workman’s comp, this is important for you as a customer as if an employee may place that claim against you if the company does not provide insurance.

Are you certified and licensed?

Jeff Shultz Sr. has an established culture at J & S Landscape and Design that values training and certification. Here at J & S Landscape we have obtained all of the certifications and licenses needed to reflect our knowledge and experience in our various services. We continue to renew our education of learning new techniques and enhancing old ones as we go. Some service REQUIRES certification and/or license.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, official checks, money orders, and wire transfers.

What services do you offer?

Lawn mowing, edging, weedeating, lawn spray applications (fertilizing, weed and pest control), plant bed maintenance (weed control & mulching), plant/shrub trimming, irrigation maintenance and repair

Do you offer one time cuts?

We typically do not offer one time cuts.

Do you offer seasonal lawn maintenance care programs?

Yes, typically our seasonal contracts are approximately 9 months long with the ability to call on us during the off season as needed. These contracts are typically not inclusive and very basic.

Do you offer customizable maintenance care programs?

Yes, all of programs are customizable as your needs may be different from another person’s. We do everything we can to determine what is most important to you and allow you to stick with your budget.

How often should I cut my grass?

This really depends on the grass type. All grass should be cut a minimum of every 2 weeks during the growing season.

Should I have irrigation?

In a perfect world, all lawns would have irrigation of some sort. Irrigation is needed to help ensure the best chance for your lawn and plant beds to thrive.

Is a licensed irrigation contractor required to install or maintain or repair my irrigation system?

You should always hire a professional for your irrigation as much could go wrong. However, services less than $2500.00 does not require a professional.

What are some solutions for water supply for my irrigation system?

Irrigation systems can cause a dramatic increase on your water use. We recommend utilizing a well system especially if you are connected to the city water.

I have an irrigation system in place can you maintain it?

We can service and repair most systems. Our irrigation start up and shut down includes a basic check of the system and can be provided via our lawn care maintenance program. If a repair is needed at that time we inform you and start the process to perform the repair.

I am currently not an existing customer of J & S Landscape and Design; can you repair my irrigation system?

We can repair most systems. We typically have an initial check of the system to determine the repair; if it is simple enough we may be able to repair it the same day. You will be informed of what we find & the repair process will be started with a estimated cost of the repair.

What services do you offer for design landscape and hardscapes?

We will work with you on any aspect of your lawn including the designing, planning, and implementation of the project. Work includes Sodding & Hyrdroseeding (grass seed), drainage, retainer walls, patios, sidewalks, driveways, flower and plant beds, hedging

I have no idea what I want, I just want my yard to look good, can you design my yard?

With over 25 years of experience, J & S Landscape and Design has been the creative eye in most of their projects. We work directly with you to create a beautiful yard.

Can I have my drawing?

The drawings we create for your project remain in our care and as our property unless we agree to sell them to you or you hire J & S Landscape and Design to complete the project. If you need your drawings before the completion of the project we can sell them to you and reimburse you upon completion of the project.

I have a budget, how can I stick to it?

You may have an ultimate goal but you don’t want to empty your bank account. Let us help you by dividing your work into phases. Our team of designers can tell you the different ways to achieve your landscape goals in best way possible. Please note, not all budgets can be met, at J & S we will not risk quality for price. We do offer some financing options

Do you offer financing?

Yes, you may apply within the office which is located at 8115 Hwy 70, Newport, NC.

How long does a project take to complete?

There is many different factors the go into completing a project, some require permits, prep work, and even final inspections. We will communicate this process to you. Also, unfortunately, we have no control over Mother Nature; most jobs cannot be performed to perfection during severe or wet weather.

Are all of your outdoor living spaces and kitchens the same?

No, we offer customizable living spaces and kitchens that meet your design needs and budget

I have a grill of my own, can I use it?

Usually not, most grills purchased from a retail store are unable to be enclosed by an outdoor kitchen. In some cases we can customize the building materials to not enclose the grill.

Can I just build my own fire pit or fireplace?

A lot of consideration needs to go into your firepit and fireplace. You stand a chance of building it incorrectly and creating a hazard. We recommend a professional create this product for you.

What types of pools do you install?

Fiberglass and Liner inground pools

Can I custom design my pool?

Yes, there is more flexibility with liner pool vs the fiberglass but all pools are customizable.

Can you enclose my pool?

Yes, we can protect it with an auto cover or we can put a screen lanai around it.

Do you do handle the complete process of installing the pool?

Yes, we design, plan, and implement the entire project, we even put the chemicals in to get it swim ready.

Do you offer pool maintenance programs?

Yes, we can service your existing pool and any new pool we install.

Can you test my water?

Yes, we have complete testing available at J & S Nursery. We also provide you with a complete line of chemical products.

Can you repair my existing pool?

Yes! We have helped many customers resolve most pool issues.

Can you update or renovate my pool?

Yes, sometimes a new construction may be required but in most cases we can enhance your pool to look new again or give it a total new look.

Salt vs Chlorine?

We recommend salt pools for many different reasons. They are cleaner, healthier, and easier to manage. We will install both.