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Lawn Care & Maintenance


Making grass green and your plants look their best isn’t just cutting your grass & watering the plants and so many different things can have an effect on your landscape’s health and its appearance.   It takes knowledge, effort, time, and product that an average person may not have access to. Here at J & S we have everything it takes to make your lawn healthy and look its best. Whether you just need someone to help you cut the grass or you really would just like to sit back while we take care of everything for you, we can offer several different packages that meet different budgets and needs, including special customizations. Packages can include mowing, edging, blowing, fertilizing treatments, weed control, bed management, & much more. Our experts develop a lawn care schedule that will give your grass and plants the proper maintenance it deserves.

Do you have an irrigation system? Is it working?   Better yet is it working efficiently? We are a Licensed Irrigation Contractor that has all of the knowledge and expertise to get your irrigation system working correctly performing most efficiently.   We can diagnose and repair most irrigation systems. We can also upgrade your system to work as efficiently as possible. If you are a regular maintenance customer we can handle the start up & shut down of your whole system.

Most people think that Mother Nature provides everything our plants & grass need.   Different plants and grasses require different nutrients and they attract different pests, & fungi. Our experts are trained and certified to properly identify issues and needs and also apply the product on a schedule that is best for your landscape. We offer this service within our lawn maintenance packages.

Do you know when to trim your plants? Certain trees & shrubs can only be trimmed certain times of the year that will ensure optimum growth & blooms. At J & S we have a history of experience that allows us to create a trim schedule to meet the needs of your trees and shrubs. We also handle general bed clean up; this can include weed control, refreshing or replacing bedding material, and sometimes even reshaping your beds.  This service can be incorporated into your regular maintenance program or even requested one time.

Transform your backyard into the place to be! We have helped several customers turn their backyard into their kitchen and even their new living room. Your options are endless starting with a simple fire pit to making a complete kitchen outside your house. Our design team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver a unique design to give you the space of your dreams.

This is where J & S started, bringing landscapes to their beauty with a great eye for design & layout of beds, plants, & trees. We can determine the best grass for your soil and area. We can create a landscape that can be easily managed with great curb appeal. We have a fully stocked nursery where you can actually see most of the product we can put in for you.

Outdoor Rooms – a simple fire pit, a complete kitchen outside your house and gardens;

Softscapes including live material, beds, & bedding materials;

Hardscapes like concrete for your driveway, walkway, or patio with endless options in paver patterns, colors, and shapes;

Irrigation installations including rain sensors, timers and more; from ponds to waterfalls, and fountains;

Design Services

Want something other than that boring concrete for your driveway, walkway, or patio? There are endless options in paver patterns, colors, and shapes that any of your hardscape. We also, can install retainer walls. We will work with you every step of the way from determining the best paver options (permeable vs impermeable), designing the area, & properly installing the product so that it lasts.

You have invested in your landscape now equip your lawn and landscape with one of the major items it needs…water!   Being an Irrigation Contractor we have designed & installed several different irrigation systems.   Most irrigation installations will require an Irrigation Contractor.   Let us help you make taking care of your lawn easier. From rain sensors to timers and more, there are so many simple ways irrigation can help take care of your lawn.

Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains are some of the other ways people enhance their landscape with.   Our team of designers can create a water feature that fits your landscape in the most perfect way. Need a redesign or trouble shooting of your current water feature? We can do that too!

Have standing water or water build up in your lawn? Standing water or really wet lawns are typically signs of poor drainage.   Poor drainage can damage or kill grass, plants, & trees. It can cause further damage to the overall landscape with run off and it’s just plain messy.   Let us help you get rid of that mess.

Pools and Spas


We can design & install fiberglass pools and liner pools. We are trained and certified to help you from start to finish even with determining the best type of pool for you. All of our packages include everything you need to be swimming by the time we are done. We love to enhance your pool with the products that will make care and maintenance of it simpler such as a salt generator to eliminate the need of chlorine. Your pool can be another area of entertainment with lights, laminers, slides, & many other features.   Take a staycation rather than a vacation in your own backyard!

Service & repairs-   Liner tear? Maybe you have a leak? Our team is equipped to troubleshoot & diagnose your pool’s issue. We also have a water testing service at our shop where you can purchase chemicals and other products needed to take care of your pool.



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